Former  MentalCoach-University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna department for vocal studies

Former soloist at Niedersächsische Staatstheater Hannover

The Japanese Psychological Association certified Psychologist

Certified Coach (Japan business capability development association)

Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner

Dipl. Mentaltrainer

Certified expert in Sports psychology

Bachelor degree in faculty of Psychology at Musashino University


My Ballett Education:

-Eiko Yamanaka Ballettschool , Japan

-Asami Maki Ballettschool , Japan

-Royal Winnipeg Ballettschool, Canada

-Ecole Superieure de Ballett de Quebec, Canada

© Irmgard Gruber

Past Carreer

(1989-1997) Joined the ballet company at “Niedersächsische Staatsoper” in Hannover, Germany. After 4 years started to dance main roles like Undine, Juliet from Romeo and Juliet, or Princess Aurora from Sleeping beauty. Retired because of injury.

A bit from before…

Since I was 4 years old I was dreaming to become a ballet dancer. But unfortunately I didn’t have the right body for a dancer and it was not easy at all. Lots of teachers told me to stop dancing , and I failed lots of entry exams to the ballet schools. I felt like a failure, disappointment, sadness ,jealousy , and could not control myself sometimes. But all these times my father was taking the place of my mental trainer. He was a coach of the children’s soccer club for a long time and maybe thats why he knew how to motivate me through all these difficult times. He told me quite early that I should talk to myself. Other than him, there were lots of people that also helped me and gave me a lot of good advice and love to make it through. I am sure that there are people who need me now, and I would like to be besides them to support them. And this is my vision.

 I am sure you will find the way !


© Joachim Giesel