EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is an easy to learn tapping technique to remove psychological pain or stress or physical pain which is caused by stress.

During the sessions you automatically learn this technique, so you can use EFT as your plaster of your heart for all your life.

EFT was developed by Gary Craig on the basis of “The cause of all negative emotions is involved with the body’s energy system” from Dr. Roger Callahan who is the founder of TFT (Thought Field Therapy).

Important notice:                    

Gary Craig is not a licensed health professional. He is an engineer who graduated from Stanford University. Even though EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it must still be considered to be at an experimental stage. Therefore practitioners and the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it and their own emotional and/or physical well being.  And if it is necessary please consult a qualified health practitioner regarding your use of EFT.